Black Line Tetra (Hyphessobrycon Scholzei)

Black Line Tetra (Hyphessobrycon Scholzei)

This fish is found naturally in South America. The adult fish attain a length of 2 inch.

The main body colouring is silvery with a clearly defined black line running horizontally along the middle of the body.

The main attraction of this species is the reality that they're prolific, easy-to-breed Characins which are well suited as a beginner's fish. The eggs, which are deposited on fine-leafed plants, are adhesive. The regular temperature range is between 65° - 80° F, but this should be adjusted to about 78° F for breeding purposes.

Black-line tetras are poor fish to put indiscriminately into a community tank, as they've a tendency to chase other fish and devour any little sufficient to be eaten.

Fish Details
Black Line Tetra
Scientific Name: 
Hyphessobrycon Scholzei
Average Temperature: 
73° F
Natural Location: 
Lower Amazon
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