Nigger Barb or Black Ruby Fish (Barbus Nigrofasciatus)

Nigger Barb or Black Ruby (Barbus Nigrofasciatus)

Like most of the barbs, back ruby fish has big, light-reflecting scales, and whilst it is not particularly brilliantly marked, it has sufficient virtues to warrant a place in any aquarium.

The main body colouring is greenish-yellow with cherry markings around the gill covers. The vertical bars are a sooty black which nearly disappear when the fish are frightened or netted.

The most satisfactory way of sexing would be to wait until the females fill with spawn, then segregate as previously described. The slightly much better marking and blacker fins of the male could be utilized as an indication of sex.

When introduced to the female, the male blushes a cherry red from mouth to gill cover, and also the remainder of its body becomes a suffused sooty black. It is a fantastic pity that this breeding colour isn't the everyday dress of this barb, as it would certainly make him one of the most handsome, but like most males he looks most handsome when he is courting.

This fish has an exceptionally great temper, and should be a welcome addition to any com-munity tank.

The black ruby fish is fairly effortlessly bred, and could be recommended for a initial attempt at breeding egg-layers even though it is not considered a productive species.

Fish Details
Nigger Barb or Black Ruby
Scientific Name: 
Barbus Nigrofasciatus
Average Temperature: 
70° F
Natural Location: 
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