Corydoras Arcuatus

Corydoras Arcuatus

The body colour of this fish is silvery white with a greenish-blue overall sheen. It is marked with a dark curving line from the eye, along the upper component of the body; to the base of the caudal fin The male fish frequently has this line starting a small distance behind the eye.

Adult fish attain a length of 2.5 inches, but to the author's knowledge they've not yet been bred in captivity.

This fish is very typical of the Corydoras family and is obviously a lot happier when it is a member of a small group.

Corydoras areuatus is generally a lively fellow and an interesting fish to observe.

Fish Details
Scientific Name: 
Corydoras Arcuatus
Average Temperature: 
77° F
Natural Location: 
Upper Amazon
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