Egeria Densa

Egeria Densa

Egeria Densa is also recognized by the name of Anacharis, and is really a comparable kind to Cabomba, having leaves attached to running stems. While Egeria Densa is at its greatest in a partially protected outside pool, it could be utilized fairly successfully within the aquarium. One of its primary attractive features is that's is really a fast growing plant-a growth of 1 inch in a day isn't unusual. The closely packed leaves, like Cabomba, provide a hide-out to young fish, but the leaves are too coarse for spawning tropical fish.

The early aquarists considered this plant to be one of the very best oxygenators, but judged by present-day standards they appear to be wrong. But I don't advise you to exclude it from your selection on that account, as it makes an fascinating specimen if only for the speed of its growth.
It could be propagated from cuttings.

Usually, Egeria Densa is only suitable for cold-water aquariums, but a species Egeria Densa vaf. crispa is suitable for either tropical or cold water. The stem and leaves are shaped the exact same as Egeria Densa, except that they bend back upon themselves, and form a curly pattern.

Egeria densa var. longifolia is actually a tropical plant from Brazil which is best suited to tropical aquariums. It is similar to Egeria Densa however the leaves are longer.

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