Marbled Hatchet Fish (Carnegiella Strigata)

Marbled Hatchet Fish (Carnegiella Strigata)

The body shape of marbled hatchet fish is comparable to Gasteropelecus levisy but the fish are just a little smaller. The average size attained by adults is about 1.75 inch.

The body is silver, darkening to olive on the back, and overlaid with a dark 'marbling' pattern. These markings run diagonally forward across the fish from below the dorsal fin.

The marbled hatchet fish have been bred in captivity. They need a temperature in the region of 83° F and lots of floating plants, like duckweed and Riccia. The adhesive eggs are scattered among the plants. Sexing is challenging; there are no obvious differences except that the female has a wider body.

Marbled Hatchet Fish consumes dry foods, but live foods should be given often.

Fish Details
Marbled Hatchet Fish
Scientific Name: 
Carnegiella Strigata
Average Temperature: 
75° F
Natural Location: 
Guianas, Amazon
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