Nannostomus Trifasciatus

Nannostomus Trifasciatus

Nannostomus trifasciatus is a fish which is ideally suited to live in an aquarium. It is pretty, peaceful, hardy and grows to an perfect size, averaging about 1.75 inches long.

A black line extends from the lower lip to the tail root, and also the belly below this line is white with a very thin broken line following the lower body contour. Above the thick line, a wide golden stripe runs down the body with a thin black line about it. Adult fish have all fins, except pectorals, marked with a red spot. Red spots are also present in the golden stripe of the male. The adiposa fin is usually present but might be lacking.

Spawning isn't too simple, but it has been accomplished. Riccia along with a few submerged plants should be placed in the breeding tank. The eggs are adhesive, and hatch in two to 3 days at a temperature of 75°F. The fry turn out to be adults in seven months.

Parents are unlikely to eat the eggs unless they're hungry, but remove them just to be certain.

Fish Details
Scientific Name: 
Nannostomus Trifasciatus
Average Temperature: 
75° F
Natural Location: 
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