Penguin Fish (Thayeria Obliqua)

Penguin Fish (Thayeria Obliqua)

This is a truly interesting fish. It comes from the Amazon Basin, and grows to a length of approximately 3.5 inch. I have never had one fairly so big, most likely simply because the accommodation essential to encourage growth isn't usually accessible.

The fish swims in the usual horizontal position, but assumes an oblique position when at rest, the head being higher than the tail.

The body colouring is silver, graduating into an olive on the back. A decisive black line runs from behind the gill covers along the centre of the body and into the lower fork of the tail. This line is edged by a thin iridescent stripe.

It breeds in the standard manner in an average temperature of 73° F. The eggs hatch in about two days. The tiny fry need microscopic live foods, initially. Green water is a great initial food.

Fish Details
Penguin Fish
Scientific Name: 
Thayeria Obliqua
Average Temperature: 
73° F
Natural Location: 
Amazon Basin
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