Seahorse (Hippocampus Species)

Seahorse (Hippocampus Species)

The seahorse isn't a particularly attractive fish for aquarium; in reality it is rather a grotesque creature with its long horse-like face and curled prehensile tail. Nevertheless, it is interesting if only for its unusual breeding habits.

During late spring, or early summer, the female deposits about a hundred eggs in a pouch situated on the belly of the male. They're then incubated for a period of about 40-50 days. The young then appear as totally free swimming individuals, still with remnants of the yolk sac.

Raising the youngsters is a real issue. They're slow moving small creatures that need live foods. Brine shrimps are greatest, but they may also be fed with small daphnia.

Seahorses vary in size depending upon species. The largest ones attain a length of about 12 inches. They propel themselves by the dorsal fin, but like to anchor themselves to something with their pre-hensile tails, as a result it is essential to offer branching coral, or some well weathered branches of trees for this purpose.

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Scientific Name: 
Hippocampus Species
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