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fish fungus disease

Fungus is the white slimy coating that fish develop following an attack of Ichthyophthirius, which has not been cured. It may also develop indepen-dently, but is rather rare in tropicals. Bruises, chills, wrongful feeding, attacks by other fish, and dirty aquariums are all feasible causes of fungus.

Mouth fungus is an odious illness, and is, luckily, rather rare. When one fish has it, it can contaminate all of the fish in the exact same tank, as it is extremely contagious. The illness becomes apparent when a cottony fluff appears around the lip and mouth, which soon gets into the mouth and eats the jaws away.

Fish suffering from this illness exhibit dark furry patches on the body. It is caused by disorders of the blood and general debility.

The treatment is the exact same as for fungus, but the affected parts may also be painted with a answer of one component water to one component peroxide of hydrogen (20 vols) occasionally.

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